Thursday, May 20, 2010

New projects by Carrie and Nathalie!!

xcited!! We have two new projects by two of our new designers!!

Meet: Carrie Ferrier

Hi, I’m Carrie. I live in Fort Wayne, IN with my high school sweetheart husband of 27 years. I have 2 grown sons and as of July ’09, a beautiful daughter in law. I love to organize, take long bike rides, and take my Nikon D80 almost everywhere I go. In the past year I’ve dug into learning more and more about photography and have to say I’m having a ball scheduling photo shoots with friends and family members. It’s no surprise that my passion as an adult is scrapbooking since as a little girl my 3 favorite things were collecting pretty stationery, taking pictures of everything imaginable around the house, and writing letters. Scrapbooking is a mix of all those things for me; journaling, product and photos. My style of creating is linear with a little bit of funky added. My favorite part of creating is putting the final touches of details on a page or project. I love making those details enhance my photos. I am thrilled and honored to be a part of the Punky Sprouts design team. I can’t wait to dig in and create with these amazingly fun albums.

This is her awesome project using Punky Sprouts Alfalfa and Graphic 45

project out for publication!!!!

Meet: Nathalie Kalbach

Nathalie Kalbach is a Mixed Media Artist and Scrapbooker living with
her American husband in the second biggest city of Germany - in
Hamburg. Living in the heart of the city in an art&craft- thriven
neighborhood, she gets inspired by her urban sourroundings. Nat loves
to design, teach and write - doing all of it wholeheartedly. She has
her own column with Somerset Memories called “Nathalie’s Studio” and
also writes for the German Scrapbooking Print Magazine “ScrapArtZine”.
Nat designs for several manufacturers - including Tattered Angels,
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L, Rose Moka, InfoCrea and now PunkySprouts.
She is a certified Scrapbooking Teacher for several Manufacturers. She
teaches Scrapbooking Workshops in several different countries in
Europe, Israel and in the United States. Her teaching style is fresh
and unique, she loves to interact with her students and showing them
the techniques and experiences she has, while pushing them in a
subtile way to add their own creative kick to the projects.

Nathalie has been published in several magazines and Ideabooks
including Somerset Memories, Somerset Home, Scrapbook Trends, Simple
Scrapbooking and ScrapArtZine.

Nat is totally thrilled to be on the Punky Sprouts Design Team and
can't wait to share her work and ideas. You can read more about her
and her work on her blog

This is her project using Punky Sprouts and My Little shoebox

Thanks for looking!!!! Please leave the girls some love!!!
Next week we'll have more new projects!!
Suzy West


  1. super cute projects girls. love all of the detailing especially on the canvas pages!

  2. These are both so gorgeous is such different ways! EXCELLENT!!!!!

  3. LOVING these so much!!! Carrie, I recognize that family ;) You are so talented!!!

  4. :) Tina ... this is my special gift to you i was telling you about. :)

  5. Great project Carrie and Nathalie!!! Carrie - your DIL is gorgeous!!! Beautiful book and love that Graphic 45. Nathalie - love the color and the way your mixed it up. SWEET! xo

  6. Candice, thank you for your kind comments! the pictures in my album are of my good friend Tina and her 3 little girls. :) My daughter in law is only 22. :)

  7. The projects are totally amazing! I love both them! May I ask what kind of glue did Nathalie use on her mini book? I'd like to make one for me but I don't know how to glue the photos onto the fabric. Thanks

  8. Thanks for the wonderful words. Carrie - I love your album- so so so beautiful!

    Fiorella - I used Crafty Power Tape by SCRAPBOOLK ADHESIVES by 3L™ . It is the best for canvas fabric. On the acrylic pages I actually most often use the acrylic paint it self as the glue. I stick the photos or paper elements to the wet paint and as soon as it dries it works like glue.